June 8, 2016

How To Order

Kirby’s How To Order Page



1. Click on any “ADD TO CART” for the tutorial you’d like to purchase for $3.25 USD.


2. You’ll be taken to the Payloadz checkout section. If you’re only making 1 purchase, click “Next” and make payment via a Paypal account or a Credit Card.


3. If you wish to purchase several products, click the “Back To Store” button and you will come back to this site. Find additional product and continue the process until you have several products in your cart, then click the “Next” button above to checkout.

4. Pay with your PayPal account or you can pay with a credit card / debit.

5. An email will arrive from Payloadz, not from me here, and in that email you’ll see a link that says
DOWNLOAD LINK: ———————— … just copy and paste that link into your browser and press enter and you will end up on the page where you can download your .mp4 files. Get these downloaded within 12-24 hrs or the download link will expire — (Payloadz policy not mine). Once you have the files on your computer/laptop you can play them forever … and if you want to put them onto a tablet or phone, see Youtube on how to do that as the files must be synced from your computer to the device.